Tavistock Tours

Client A

Our client wanted a new one night London Tour with two new unusual attractions that worked a similar theme for clients from the North of England.

We jumped into our knowledge banks and assembled a handful of options including one attraction that had not received groups before. In consultation with the client we finalised a tour package that produced 24 sold out dates. 

Client B

The client wanted to find a new tour with 3 diverse attractions and a 4 star hotel.

The new tour package was created and met the specifications and the tour package was selling very well. We then hit a challenge with travel routes and timing due to significant road work problems. We tapped in to our large supplier network and switched the hotel accommodation to an unusual water based venue and increased sales quotas on the coaches by 20%. 

Client C

We had a successful 3 attraction tour which had sold very well. The client spontaneously wanted to and insisted that we change two of the three tried and tested attractions against our advice. 
The new tour itinerary flopped and we seamlessly switched the tour back to our original itinerary and sales reverted back to being a great success.

Client D

They wanted to have a new tour for Edinburgh but very concerned about the very expensive hotel costs and how it could be sold cheap enough to sell to his clients.  We flew up to Edinburgh – visited the attractions that we thought would fit in to our clients standards. We then contracted a very good 3 star hotel for Sunday and Monday night – outside the highs season months of June/July/August.

The package price was well within the budget – the tour has proved very successful!

Client E

The client wanted an unusual tour using attractions that were either unknown or little used. Back in the Lab we researched with our expertise and knowledge to design the tour that exacatly met our clients needs. Our results identified 3 little known attractions. We naturally visited all attractions to verify suitablility and their ability to handle a group tour.

The client loved the Tour, it blended together extremely effectively and has sold out for 2015.


Sample Testimonials

  • St Paul’s Cathedral were delighted to begin working with Tavistock Tours in 2013 with a successful series of coach group visits which saw their customers end their London long weekend break with a tour of the cathedral followed by an afternoon tea in our restaurant. From initial meetings to plan the visit format, to marketing, selling and confirming the visits, we have found them a pleasure to work with and hope for a long mutually successful partnership with them.

    We ‘ve had a really great relationship with Tavistock Tours for over two years now.
    Their attention to detail and trouble free operation is excellent, but their customer service and no nonsense regular communication is exemplary.
    It’s an absolute pleasure to deal with this company.

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